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Approvals of the series October 2015: bestsellers and approval dwarfs

Approvals of the series October 2015
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N normally the positions within a brand portfolio are fixed and only difficult to move. There are simply series that work, others don't. It's nice when as a manufacturer you have several series that have plenty of potential. Take BMW, for example: The 1, 2 and 3 Series run here, with the 3 Series once again clearly positioning itself as the number 1 favorite with the public.

Mazda CX-3 brakes CX-5

There was a small palace revolution at Mazda, where the new CX-3 has overtaken the successful CX-5 in terms of new registrations. Numerous dealer approvals are likely to play a role here. Obviously they have now disappeared from the Hyundai Tucson and the i30 is already taking over the role of the bestseller in the range. At Mitsubishi, the small car Space Star moved back to number one in the model range in October, at Smart there was a role reversal and the Fortwo clearly surpassed the Forfour again.

Otherwise, the usual suspects dominate the sales program of the respective ones Manufacturer. The A4 is ahead at Audi, the C-Class at Mercedes, the Corsa at Opel and the Focus at Ford. Nissan can continue to build on a strong Qashqai and at Fiat almost nothing would work without the 500 series.

You can see all the tops and flops of the series from October in the photo show.


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