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Apple Carplay in the first test: There is still room for improvement

Apple Carplay in the first test
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Apple Carplay requires at least one iPhone 5

H For this, an iPhone from generation 5 with the current operating system is required, which is connected to the car electronics via USB. Then Carplay can be selected in the menu and started. That worked straight away in our Skoda Superb. An additional Bluetooth connection was not necessary for making phone calls or playing music; all functions were wired. The large Skoda monitor shows the app tiles in a huge way, which is why they can be tapped without distraction. It's even easier with Siri voice control, which works much better than most of the car manufacturers' voice input systems. Siri understood requests such as 'Navigate me to the nearest pharmacy' right away and started the tour - provided we had cell phone reception. The dictation of SMS also worked right away, which are read out again to check before they are sent.

The additional benefit of Carplay is still there within limits

But not everything went smoothly: In navigation mode, the map scale often couldn't be changed, which made orientation suffer. Otherwise, the presentation often appears dreary. Also curious: If the Spotify streaming service was stopped and switched to radio, the music app slid back in after a few seconds without being asked. The biggest point of criticism, however, is the still very sparse selection of apps. The SMS successor Whatsapp is just as unsupported as travel apps for parking or gasoline price inquiries. The additional benefit of Carplay compared to classic infotainment systems is therefore currently still limited.


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