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Anti-blackout plan Switzerland: Tempo 100, e-cars are stopped

The Swiss government wants to counter power failures (blackouts) with drastic measures. This also applies to drivers.

Before there are power cuts in Switzerland, a four-stage plan should relieve the power grids. Within the "Ordinance on Restrictions and Bans on the Use of Electrical Energy" of November 23, 2022, there are also some restrictions and bans for motorists.

110,000 e-cars are only allowed to drive to a limited extent

In the first escalation level, the lighting of parking spaces and multi-storey car parks is prohibited outside of opening hours, with the exception of emergency lighting. In the second stage, warehouses and transshipment points may only be heated to 18 degrees Celsius.

In the third stage, the use of electric cars is only permitted for mandatory trips. This includes trips to work, shopping, visits to the doctor, attending religious events and court appointments. Around 110,000 electric cars are affected in Switzerland. Drivers of hybrid models are no longer allowed to charge the batteries. In addition, there is a ban on the use of car washes for cars and commercial vehicles, including car washes and wash boxes.

Tempo 100 on motorways

The change in the speed limit on motorways from 120 to 100 km/h is not listed in one of the escalation levels, but listed as a separate Article 8 with effect on the traffic regulation ordinance - with "favorable road, traffic and visibility conditions". In addition, according to Article 2, the electric lighting of streets and squares should remain switched off on certain days and at certain times.

If all four stages do not bring any improvement, power shutdowns are necessary alternately in different regions. Systemically important services such as energy and water supply as well as all "blue light" organizations are excluded from this. End customers, for example from industry, who consume more than 100 megawatt hours are sometimes cut off from the power supply.

Switzerland is a major electricity importer

Switzerland imported 5.7 billion kilowatt hours in winter 2021, primarily from Germany and France. In addition to the topics relevant to drivers, the ordinance also restricts daily life at different levels. For example, washing machines in private households may only be operated at 40 degrees, refrigerators may not be set below 6 degrees. Advertising lights are banned, streaming services have to switch their offers from HD to SD, leaf blowers are banned, as are air conditioning, fan heaters and hot water in public toilets. Escalators are only switched off in the last level 4, the operation of winter sports facilities is prohibited, public film screenings and sporting events are prohibited.

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Switzerland, dependent on electricity imports, is preparing for blackouts with drastic measures. A decree defined in four escalation levels what the Swiss are forbidden to do. These include a speed limit of 100 km/h on motorways and a ban on driving electric cars. In addition, street and parking lot lights are switched off and much more.


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