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Annual review of the individual tests 2009: The year of extremes

Frank Herzog
Annual review of the individual tests 2009
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D he complex test procedure from sport auto is the same for all test subjects . The test criteria for determining the actual acceleration, braking or driving dynamics values ​​take place on the same test area - on the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg. In order to determine reproducible values, it is ultimately essential to install the test field itself as an immovable, fixed size.

In addition to the standard measurements and driving dynamics, the heart of every test is the lap time calculation on the small circuit in Hockenheim. The individual test candidates surprised in 2009 with some unexpected records. The most powerful Corvette of all time, the ZR1 with 647 hp, was able to circle the Baden circuit in 1.09.7 minutes. Exactly the same time remained on the clock after the Wiesmann GT MF5 completed the 2.6 kilometer circuit.

Lap time in Hockenheim under 1.10 minutes

Only one vehicle was faster this year. A purist weighing 859 kilograms could beat the sports car with its 318 hp. The modified KTM X-Bow from the tuner MTM achieved a phenomenal Hockenheim lap time of 1.09.3 minutes. (Here you can see all lap times in Hockenheim from the individual tests and comparison tests).

With a lap time of 1.15.7 minutes, the Techart Magnum certainly did not achieve a best time, but the modified Porsche Cayenne Turbo S with 2,486 kilograms is one of the heaviest sports models. The power output of 680 hp makes the SUV the strongest single test candidate this year. The Techart GTstreet Cabrio based on the 911 Turbo is 20 horsepower less. Only Mercedes has sent a vehicle to the test with the SL 65 AMG Black Series that has 670 hp in the same performance class.

All sporty innovations in the test

You can find all the individual test candidates for 2009 in the photo show and the following table - with a click on the vehicle you can go directly to the test.


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