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Annual mileage in Germany: cars cover 14,259 km

Annual mileage in Germany 2013
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All cars in Germany have a mileage of 611 billion kilometers

D emnach the around 43 million cars in Germany covered a total of 611 billion kilometers in the reporting year and thus make up by far the largest share (87%) of Total mileage of all vehicles registered in Germany. German motor vehicles covered a total of 705 billion kilometers in 2013. 31.6% of these were made by young cars between the ages of zero and three. 1.5% was done by cars with hybrid drives.

Trucks with a total weight of 3.5 tons travel 19,008 kilometers per year, trucks over 6 tons drive 41,063 kilometers and tractor units 102,832 kilometers.

For the first time, the figures collected are real values, which, according to a new legal basis, are based on the number of kilometers determined during the main inspection. In 2013, 26.5 million HU vehicles were presented, the difference in mileage between the main inspections was recorded and the total mileage for Germany extrapolated accordingly. p>

  • Motorcycles: 2,349 km
  • Passenger cars: 14,259 km
  • Trucks up to 3.5 tons: 19,008 km
  • Trucks 3.5 to 6 tons: 19,839 km
  • Trucks over 6 tons: 41,063 km
  • Agricultural /forestry tractors: 511 km
  • Other tractors: 3,498 km
  • Tractor units: 102,832 km
  • Buses: 55,224 km
  • Other motor vehicles: 13,559 km


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