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An overview of all VW models with Euro 6d-TEMP

All VW models with Euro 6d-TEMP
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I n the past few months, a lot has happened at VW in terms of Euro 6d-TEMP. Almost every series is now available with the clean engines, only the Amarok is not ready yet. Diesel drivers in particular can look forward to a much more extensive range, as the 2.0 TDI with 110 kW (in some series it is also used in a 140 kW output level) has now also received the Euro 6d TEMP seal. With the T6, the 84 kW variant of the two-liter TDI has now also received the coveted status, with the Caddy the variant with 90 kW followed.

VW has added up to the SUVs

In In the recent past, VW has finally caught up with the so far neglected high-volume model series, especially with SUVs. The range of Euro 6d TEMP engines for T-Cross, T-Roc, Tiguan and Touareg has been greatly increased in recent weeks. Similar to the Passat: First, the 1.5-liter petrol engine with 110 kW and the gasoline engine with two-liter displacement received the coveted classification. The first diesels followed in March, so that the 1.6 TDI with 88 kW and the 2.0 TDI with 176 kW are now also certified according to Euro 6d-TEMP.

Recently, the brand's first sport models also meet the current emissions standard. Namely the Polo GTI with 147 kW, the Golf GTI Performance with 180 kW, the GTI TCR with 213 kW and the Golf R with 221 kW. The other side of the performance spectrum - the Eco-Up with a 50 kW natural gas engine - is also certified in accordance with the emissions standard. Speaking of natural gas: the Polo TGI with 66 kW and the Golf TGI with 96 kW have recently also been awarded the Euro 6d-Temp seal. In addition, there is the natural gas caddy with 81 kW.

Intermediate stage to the correct Euro 6d emissions standard

VW still has time to adapt its range to the new regulations. Euro-6d-Temp will only become mandatory for all newly registered cars from September 1, 2019. Until then, this only applies to the type approval of completely newly developed vehicles. The emission standard is characterized by the fact that for the first time cars have to prove their emission behavior in real tests on the road. Until the end of 2020, they are allowed to emit 2.1 times the test bench value in these RDE tests, after that only 1.5 times as much as part of the correct Euro 6d standard VW models now have the somewhat stricter Euro 6d-TEMP-EVAP standard (see table). EVAP means 'Evaporative Emission' and means evaporative emissions. This tests how many hydrocarbons a car emits from its fuel system over a period of 48 hours. The innovation has none for consumersRelevance. It is only intended to force car manufacturers to optimize their models in this regard as well.

In the future, diesel buyers in particular should pay close attention to which emissions standard their car meets - and if in doubt, to a Euro 6d temp Grab model. In times when diesel driving bans are threatened in more and more cities, one should be on the safe side with such a diesel for a long time. But all other drivers also benefit from the efficient emission control of their vehicles. Not only through a better conscience towards the environment, but also through better value retention.


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