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ams Explains Podcast: Are Synthetic Fuels The Future?

Podcast 'ams explained' (episode 5)
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Anyone who drives with a gasoline or diesel engine produces CO2. There is currently no way around it. But that doesn't have to apply forever if auto motor und sport editor Annette Bender-Napp has his way. Because synthetic fuels could already drive current vehicles CO2-free.

What steps politicians have to take to explain why synthetic diesel is currently around ten times as expensive as its fossil equivalent and what all of this includes has to do with the German electricity mix, she explains in the fifth episode of auto motor und sport and also reveals what the whole topic has to do with fuel cell cars and the existing gas infrastructure.

What Annette Bender- Napp has otherwise explained the topic, you can hear in a new exciting episode of our podcast auto motor und sport explained. It appears 14 days together with the current auto motor und sport issue and can be sent to Spotify , Apple Podcast , Google Podcasts and Soundcloud !

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