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AMG Driving Academy Advanced Training in Zandvoort: driver training with powerful Mercedes athletes

AMG Driving Academy Advanced Training in Zandvoort
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' Brake, brake, brake! Yes, what is that ?! ”Instructor Hari Proczyk is beside himself. Not because of us, but because the other group participants missed the braking point, let's just call them Rolf and Andi. Their AMG Mercedes C-Class misses the gravel bed at the striking S-curve, squeaking loudly and understeering violently by just a few centimeters.

With AMG cars on the racetrack

Wide tires, brake discs and faces are clearly heated. “It's not about the last braking point. You should find the feeling for the correct turning in, so that you can get the corner apex correctly. ”Hari takes his job as an instructor at the AMG Driving Academy seriously. He has to, because here on the race track in Zandvoort, the focus is on the health of the 36 participants and the integrity of the Mercedes AMG cars such as the SLK 55, C 63 and SL 63 AMG.

Three-day advanced training in Zandvoort

The three-day advanced training offered by Affalterbachers corresponds to the medium level of difficulty and costs around 2,500 euros. The most important facts are conveyed in order to have fun safely on the racetrack. Starting with the right seating position and steering wheel posture, through the guidance to turning and meeting the vertex.

The practical part follows the extensive theoretical instruction. When you take a seat behind the valance, a cone course is on the program to get used to the cars provided. Before the 4.3 kilometer long dune course can be completely ridden, Hari Proczyk first shows us Zandvoort's key points during the section training: Slotemakerbocht, Arie Luyendyk Bocht and Tarzanbocht. But the strange names are deceiving, all curves require full concentration in order not to be labeled a complete beginner. The group of twelve drives through the passage over and over again.

Potent Mercedes sports models with AMG engines

The learning effect is enormous, because the watchful instructor's eye does not miss the slightest mistake - whether we are learner drivers from the green field from watching or whether he drives ahead of his group and observes and directs via the rearview mirror and radio. The guided laps on the hilly dune course are of course the undisputed highlight of the AMG training. Slowly butHari steadily increases the pace, gives precise instructions on the driving style and doesn’t skimp on praise or criticism. When changing drivers, there are highly motivated faces who only want one thing - to get back to the steering wheel as quickly as possible. Understandable, because after all the learner drivers are on the road with at least 360 hp - that's what the V8 of the SLK 55 AMG offers. The C 63 AMG delivers almost 100 hp more. With 525 hp, the SL 63 AMG is the most powerful driving school vehicle.

According to reports, the super sports car SLS AMG will be waiting for enthusiastic Driving Academy participants in 2010. “Anyone who sells such high-horsepower cars must also offer their customers appropriate racetrack training. Recently we have even been offering events in the USA, ”says AMG boss Volker Mornhinweg, who is pleased about the steadily growing demand. The Driving Academy started in 2007. The broad-based program ranges from lifestyle-oriented emotion tours through basic, advanced and pro events to the professional Masters Sports Trophy, an AMG-owned competition series.

Mix of fun, adventure and seriousness

Be it the Nordschleife, Spa-Francorchamps, Ascari Race Resort or Imola - the driving school stops at top-class racetracks. Not to forget the Winter Sporting in Sweden, where the AMG racing cars on the Arctic Circle can be driven with spikes. But wherever: It's the right mix of fun, adventure and seriousness that electrifies the participants. From the advanced level, for example, data recording is part of this for individual training control. A ride in a racing taxi is also offered. If you are lucky, you can watch established racing professionals like Susie Stoddard or Bernd Schneider, who has been part of the team around chief instructor Reinhold Renger since 2009, doing the skillful work on the steering wheel.

Fixed point is also a final competition, which is about perfection and precision. Despite great engagement and the odd sweat stain on the polo shirt: relaxed and smiling faces everywhere. Nobody knows fear of contact. The babble of voices is colored internationally. Japanese, German, Italian and a lot of English - everyone gets along very well. “We are now a real community. Some of the participants are regulars and have long since made friends with one another, ”says Uli Fritz, who heads the Driving Academy, happily. Practice, get better, train your reflexes - in principle, AMG racetrack training also conveys content that every participant can benefit from in everyday traffic. That's what Rolf and Andi think, too, who probably won't miss a braking point any longer.

Here you can find all information about the AMG Driving Academy .


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