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Alpine Vision Gran Turismo: V8 racer with 450 hp for the anniversary

Alpine Vision Gran Turismo
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450 PS for the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo

M ith the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, Renault is launching a digital racing car for the computer racing game Gran Turismo 6. The key data are impressive: V8 mid-engine, 4.5 liter displacement, 580 Nm torque and 450 hp. You will look in vain for electric motors, hybrid systems, fuel cells and warp drives, as you have seen in the vision racing cars from other manufacturers. Renault remains on a classic path with the Alpine.

The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo should weigh just 900 kilograms and only be powered by the rear wheels. A sequential seven-speed gearbox ensures the power flow of the flounder, which is supposed to be up to 320 km /h and has a weight distribution of 47:53.

The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo celebrates its premiere as 1: 1 model at the Automobile International Festival in Paris. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Alpine brand, the virtual racer can also be seen at the Retromobile at the beginning of February.

And there is a lot to see: the monocoque carbon racer with stubby rear window comes with a powerful display Wheel arches, wide tires and the sports brake system behind them with 390 mm brake discs at the front and 355 mm counterparts at the rear. The front with the narrow LED headlights seems to literally soak up the road. Huge air openings on the side also ensure appropriate aerodynamics.

The highlight, however, is the rear area, which shows a large spoiler throat with diffuser. Renault has draped the narrow LED rear lights on the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo all around. The driver grabs a narrow jet steering wheel and receives his driving information only via an equally narrow head-up display.

Of course, Renault not only wants to cite the great Alpine history with the model, but also some design elements should already be on the Renault Point out Alpine 2016. A review of the Alpine models A110, A310 and A610 can be found here.


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