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Alpera Tulpar: Super Beetle with over 500 hp

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Alpera Tulpar
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D he design of the '74 VW Beetle is incomparable, thinks Alpera Motors, however, the technology should be a bit more modern. No sooner said than done, the Alpera Tulpar was created on the computer and will serve as a real model at the Sema 2015 tuning fair.

Subaru engine with over 500 hp

Only design quotes remain from the original Beetle with the Tulpar. A carbon fiber chassis extends beneath the clearly sprawling spherical shape. A boxer engine works in the rear. However, it comes from Japan, is based on a Subaru engine and is fluffed up to over 500 hp with two exhaust gas turbochargers. In terms of driving dynamics, the Beetle should thus be able to act at eye level with modern athletes.

In the lavishly dimensioned wheel arches, fat sports tires on equally fat light alloy rims spread out. A sophisticated spoiler package ensures that the Tulpar stays down to earth.


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