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I n Peru Around 80 percent of all alpacas live with 3.5 million animals - but these cute camels have fans worldwide. And if you want to have that alpaca feeling more often, you don't have to travel the 10,500 kilometers to Peru. Every day there are more alpaca accessories for that real fleecy feeling in the car. Purists now have to be really strong.

Alpaca steering wheel

The good old steering wheel cover will probably only die when autonomous driving according to level 5 has made the steering wheel superfluous - and that can still be last. So the steering wheel cover industry follows every trend and now also offers the “Alpaka” model. Since alpaca wool is one of the most expensive types of wool, this cover is of course made of polyester fleece. The twelve-way position, which is often marked with a red stripe on tough sports cars, is surrounded by two cuddly alpaca ears. Cost at Amazon: the equivalent of around 15 euros (all prices excluding shipping costs).

With fluffy 12 o'clock marking: Alpaca steering wheel cover.

Ride on the alpaca

Steering wheel covers are a bit selfish as they are only used by the driver. It is more democratic with seat covers - after all, they are there for all occupants. Ambill Art offers alpaca seat covers. These don't look fluffy, but they are printed with alpaca motifs. The camels also wear pretty blankets in a design that is based on the cloth design of the Andean indigenous people. A pair of seat covers costs the equivalent of 57 euros.

Alpaca at the end of the tunnel

Who doesn't know that: A look into the vehicle cup holder reveals two black holes. If that's too dreary, the accessories industry can help: Now there are funny onesAlpaca coaster to insert into the cup holder. According to the manufacturer, the 'Alpaka my Bags!' Models are made of sandstone and are therefore super absorbent. A coaster with a diameter of 64 millimeters costs around 13 euros on Etsy.

Cups with the alpaca

Cup holders with an alpaca base are of no use as soon as a cup in the holder looks at the beloved Alpaca disguised. The only remedy: alpaca cups. And analogous to the sensationally good insulating alpaca wool, the mug offered on Amazon is designed as a thermal mug. As a belly band, the stainless steel container is decorated with a picture of an alpaca chewing relaxed. Alpaca fans have to spend a little more than 14 euros for a mug like this.

Yes, printed T-shirts

Especially when you are on holiday you have a little time to look at T-shirt prints read through. Anyone who wants to be read can now show how trendy they are: of course there are also alpaca T-shirts. A simple black T-shirt with the white print “Road Trip? Alpaka my Car! ”. There was probably not enough space left for an “in” - in the accompanying picture, an alpaca looks brazenly out of the back of a minibus.

For the key ring

That still hangs on the vehicle key Brand logo that the dealer generously handed over when the car was handed over? At this point, an alpaca can now beautify the otherwise heartlessly cool key. Storybook has a variety of alpaca pendants on offer for 1.70 euros - for less than twelve euros, fans can attach a different alpaca pendants to their vehicle keys every day of the week.

Head-up Display 2.0

Mail order company 'Purely Alpaca' has an inside mirror pendant in the shape of an alpaca on offer. Hanging on the mirror, the small stuffed animal looks from some angles as if it were standing on the street - the legendary large fabric cubes never managed that. According to the manufacturer, the small alpaca is produced by hand in a village in Thailand. Thanks to fair trade, the animal that is not native to the area should enable the villagers to have a better life. The fabric tag is available for the equivalent of twelve euros.

Purely Alpaca If there is an alpaca on the street: This mirror pendant comes from Thailand, real alpacas, however, live in South America.

All around alpaca

Rims can also look a little fluffy. At Amazon there is 'Alpaka Tire Rad Center', an adhesive hub cover made of resin. A set of four of the UV-resistant covers costs 6.80 euros.

License plate without number

A valid license plate counts as a composite document in connection with the corresponding vehicle - manipulation is therefore a forgery of documents Section 267 of the Criminal Code. Therefore, the alpaca license plate offered on Amazon can only be used as an additional show element in this country. The sign on which an alpaca bares its teeth costs around 20 euros.


Since the middle of 2014, the following applies in Germany: Every car, truck or bus has a safety vest to take with you - the legislature forgot about mobile homes at the time. Thanks to their simple cut and the fact that they are cheap to buy, safety vests are among the most inexpensive items of clothing. If you want to spend a little more, you get a neat alpaca safety vest. At Amazon, the hipster safety vest costs 11.50 euros. Two alpaca heads are depicted on her back. One of the alpacas is wearing a baseball cap with a label that is difficult to read. According to the provider, despite the alpaca decoration, the vest meets the standards required by law.

The hipster safety vest with alpaca print complies with the standards set by German legislators.

Scent -Alpaka

Spring: Time to cut down the fragrant forest on the inside mirror. Now there is an alpaca air freshener. Very few of us will know what an alpaca smells like - and we won't find out from the air freshener either: According to the manufacturer, the part punched out in the shape of an alpaca smells of exotic spices. The 10.5 by 6.8 centimeter air freshener 'Alpaka the Car' can be found in the Amazon shop, but is currently not in stock.

Back seat for an alpaca

Honda's compact car Jazz is called 'Fit' in most other parts of the world -and there is also it in Peru. Honda was rightly always proud of the rear seats that can be folded up to gain space, the so-called Magic Seats. In Germany, the advertising photos featured green plants on the way from the hardware store to the living room in the back of the Jazz. In advertising, the Fit is an animal transport - there is an alpaca in the back.


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