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Alloy wheel guide: light alloy wheels for winter

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W e car drivers like to ride beautiful bikes even in the cold season therefore want to roll, many producers and tuners already offer light alloy wheels for the winter in their ranges.

It starts at 65 euros

It can be purchased It is worthwhile, as special alloys and surface coatings are supposed to protect the rims from the effects that can arise from road salt, grit and sand in winter. Drivers don't always have to invest a lot of money for the special winter light alloy rims, the mostly one-piece wheels are available for less than 100 euros - making them an alternative to the steel versions and also looking better.

Current wheel offers from various rim manufacturers can be found in our photo show.

In our rim ABC we explain what you should pay attention to when buying rims and what is hidden behind the terms bolt circle or offset. Useful tips on changing from winter to We have also summarized summer tires for you.


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