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Allianz study: E-cars with high repair costs

According to a study by the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT), repairs to electric cars are more expensive than to vehicles with conventional drives.

After evaluating damage data from the years 2018 to 2020, the accident and safety researchers at the AZT found that the average damage expenditure for e-cars (fully comprehensive) is around ten percent higher. With plug-in hybrids it was even 50 percent. According to the study, the repair costs for e-cars after a collision are 30 percent higher.

In principle, the damage events between electric cars and vehicles with combustion engines do not differ from each other. However, manufacturer specifications, for example, quickly turn an accident into a total economic loss.

Marten bites can cost up to 7,000 euros

Some car manufacturers stipulate that after the airbag has been triggered, the battery must also be replaced and disposed of. Furthermore, a high-voltage cable bitten by a marten can quickly cost up to 7,000 euros when replacing the cable set. However, some manufacturers offer protective coatings that reduce costs by up to 97 percent.

Another cost factor after recovering an accident vehicle is that fire prevention measures have to be taken here because the batteries still contain energy. In principle, electric vehicles may only be repaired in a workshop whose employees are qualified for "intrinsically safe HV vehicles". But here, too, in the case of certain types of damage, this qualification may no longer be sufficient, which can also lead to delays in the repair.

Types of damage: E-cars and petrol engines

By the way: In terms of the type classes and the distribution of damage types, petrol and electric vehicles are similar, while plug-in hybrids are more similar to the damage of diesel cars. According to the AZT, this is due to the different types of use. Purely electric vehicles are used in urban environments, similar to petrol engines, plug-in hybrids are more common in larger vehicles that travel long distances like diesel. Accordingly, the damage occurrence is similar here.

Like numerous studies before, the AZT was not able to identify a higher probability of vehicle fires in e-cars compared to petrol or diesel cars. Of the 15,000 vehicle fires that occur each year, e-cars account for well under one percent.

In our photo show we show the current registration statistics for e-cars in Germany.


Electric cars are more expensive to repair than cars with combustion engines. In particular, the manufacturer's specifications to replace the battery in the event of collisions and airbag deployment drives up the costs. Even a marten bite on the high-voltage cabling can quickly cost up to 7,000 euros.


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