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All-wheel drive up to 10,000 euros: Six used vehicles for tricky conditions

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All-wheel drive up to 10,000 euros
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Four driven wheels offer more traction than two - this is not only the case in winter. If you want to be on the safe side in wind and weather, you can opt for an all-wheel drive. It doesn't always have to be a large SUV. From small cars like the Fiat Panda to noble sedans like the J aguar X-Type there is a large range of all-wheel drive vehicles on the used car market.

All-wheel drive cars are often used as workhorses

But be careful: all-wheel-drive vehicles are often used as workhorses with trailer hitch because of their good traction, which reduces wear on the engine, axles, brakes, clutch and transmission enormously increased. Therefore, if you have a specific interest, it is essential to inquire about the history of the car. Vehicles that have only been driven in ice and snow are not advisable, as is cars used in agriculture or forestry.

Because the constant use of salt or mud gnaws on and especially under the sheet metal over the years. A look under the car at the axles, exhaust, engine and gearbox quickly reveals the maintenance status. Even with particularly souped-up Audi Quattro models, the alarm bells should ring.

The four driven wheels offer sufficient grip when driving quickly, which many pilots take advantage of. This not only affects the tires, but also the chassis. A well-maintained four-wheel drive car with a traceable history, on the other hand, will not incur any more costs than a car with a driven axle. The fact that consumption is automatically much higher does not necessarily have to be the case with an automatically activated all-wheel drive system. In return, the occupants receive more traction - and driving safety.


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