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All-wheel drive system BMW M xDrive: M5 also drives with rear-wheel drive

New all-wheel drive system BMW M xDrive (2017)
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D en variable all-wheel drive xDrive is available from BMW since a long time. For the new BMW M5, however, M GmbH has turned the all-wheel drive concept inside out for maximum driving pleasure. The result is the M xDrive, which can do more than just traction.

An integral part of the M xDrive is an integrated control of longitudinal and transverse dynamics, which is controlled by software based on M specifications. The system only brings the front axle into play when the rear wheels reach the limits of power transmission and additional tractive effort is required. This brings the particularly rear-oriented design desired by M GmbH.

ch corresponds to a deactivated ESP, three modes (4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD) are available. In 4WD mode, M xDrive is designed neutrally for the benefit of optimal controllability and traction. In 4WD Sport mode, which is optimized for use on race tracks in dry conditions, the design of the M xDrive shifts further towards agility and sportiness. In 2WD mode, only the rear wheels are driven.

The driver can use the DSC button on the center console to switch to M Dynamic Mode (MDM) and, with a longer press, to DSC off mode. When the DSC off mode is activated, the M xDrive settings menu is also shown in the control display. The 4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD modes can now be selected with the iDrive Controller or the touchscreen function. The respective mode is displayed in the instrument cluster and can be saved as part of an M Drive setup.


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