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All public KBA warnings are always up-to-date here

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D he complete trailer wheels, according to the KBA in its warning of July 19, 2017, can have damaged the tire during assembly, which can cause it to burst. This affects the complete wheels 195/50 R 13C 104 /102N BOKA Trailer Line tires mounted on 5½Jx13 and 6Jx13 MEFRO steel rims from Starco NV, which were sold after 1.6.2017.

These wheels were used as standard tires by several Trailer manufacturers installed, but also sold as spare parts. In particular, the spare wheels cannot be traced and could not be found. Therefore, the KBA in Flensburg is now warning potential customers in this way. You are asked to contact Stericycle's customer service, the manufacturer will exchange the wheels and mount new ones free of charge. The contact details:
● Telephone:
- from Germany 0800-181-2233 (toll-free)
- Rest of the world + 44-2086101609 (possibly chargeable)
● Email: STARCOrecallsupport @ stericycle. com


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