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All hybrid cars in Germany: All information

All hybrid cars in Germany
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D he principle of the hybrid car sounds as simple as it is logical: You combine two drives, compensate for the respective weaknesses and use the strengths and thus save energy. The currently most common hybrid philosophy combines an electric and a combustion engine. In the mild hybrid, the electric motor supports the combustion engine when accelerating; the latter therefore has to use less energy, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. In the full hybrid even purely electric driving is possible.

Advantages of hybrid cars

Acts at the same time the hybrid car's electric motor acts as a generator when braking, so it gains new energy from every braking process, which in turn is fed into the batteries (e.g. lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride batteries). But the selection of series cars with hybrid drives is still comparatively limited.

One of the best-known hybrid cars is the Toyota Prius . As early as 1997, Toyota launched one of the world's first series hybrid cars with the five-door hatchback. In Japan the Prius was the best-selling car of all in 2009, and in Germany 4,471 buyers took hold of the pioneer among hybrid cars. The third generation of the Toyota image carrier has been on the market since mid-2009, including an optimized drive train with three different driving modes. In EV mode, the full hybrid drives purely electrically - a maximum of 45 km /h and 1.5 kilometers.

These are the current hybrid cars in Germany

And the number of Hybrid models will continue to increase in 2011 because they are penetrating new segments: Honda will be launching the Jazz Hybrid, the first small car with a combination of combustion engine and electric motor, on the market in April.

In our photo show we have compiled all the hybrid cars available in Germany for you - including the current new prices and the respective cost per kilometer.


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