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All Erlkönige: The future of cars in the snow

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All Erlkönige in January 2010
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D ann it is particularly bitter when he after many kilometers in deep snow missed the Erlkönig several times by a few minutes. He responded promptly to the 'wimp' from the editorial office.

'Nothing, I had ice on everything, even the camera had a layer of ice on it. You sit in the warm office and rock yourselves the ..., poor me S ... are buried in the snow at the Arctic Circle to give you the best pictures. ' And we are now also taking a look at them to appreciate the work of our colleagues.

Erlkönig highlight: Mercedes saves Mercedes

And the absolute highlight of the month was by far the rescue action of the stranded Mercedes S-Klasse -Coupés in AMG trim, that in a joint action by Erlkönig- ML-Class and Erlkönig-S-Class was pulled out of the ditch.

A rather unusual Erlkönig was also received in the warm office of topgear-autoguide.com. An undisguised model car from the upcoming Renault Twingo -Roadster takes the big premiere of the Renault W´Air or Renault Wind or Renault Twingo CC at the Geneva Motor Show in advance. The new Kia Sportage is just as unusual and also a Geneva debutant. In addition to the Erlkönig photos, we were able to show the new SUV undisguised in black and white images that were used for patent applications.

And for the first time in our Erlkönig -Overview showed the upcoming facelift of the Ford Mondeo , which is probably on the Paris Motor Show 2010 will celebrate its debut and in terms of design it will be at the current Ford Fiesta , Ford Kuga or Ford Galaxy served. And also receives the Eco-Boost motor from the latter.

The other prototypes who fell into our trap this month: Suzuki Swift , Mercedes SLK , BMW 1er , BMW X3 , BMW M5, Mercedes SL and B-Class s like the Peugeot 508, from the auto-motor -und-sport.de already showed a computer retouch and the successor to the Mazda RX-8.


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