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Alfa Romeo 166 successor: Alfa 169 comes back with rear-wheel drive

Mark Stehrenberger
Alfa Romeo 166 successor
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D he Fiat Group with Chrysler means that Alfa is also available Romeo will make the group-wide technology kit available for future models. This gives the Italians the chance to launch a large, rear-wheel drive sedan again - a tradition that was buried in the Alfa Romeo 90 in 1987.

Alfa Romeo 169 on Chrysler platform

The Chrysler LX platform, which also carries the Chrysler 300C and Dodge Charger models, suggests itself as the platform for the next big Alfa. In terms of design, the Alfa Romeo 169 should come across as much less traditional. The classic notchback is dead, long live the four-door coupe. A step that Jaguar has already taken with the XF and XJ. The face of the Alfa Romeo 169 will make use of stylistic elements from Mito, Giulietta but also from the 8C. With a length of almost five meters, the Alfa Romeo 169 is supposed to bring Italian chic to the start in the upper middle class.

But because the competition is now far ahead in terms of motor technology, the Italians want to really step up. Rumor has it that there is a new, small eight-cylinder in V-shape that is equipped with multi-air technology and two turbochargers to provide plenty of steam. With its three-liter displacement, it offers potential of well over 400 hp and is image-worthy enough to survive on the US market. In addition to the V8, powerful diesels and other petrol engines are also to be used, especially for the European market.

Mark Stehrenberger

The Swiss-born Mark Stehrenberger has been drawing the automotive future for auto motor und sport for over 30 years. He lives alternately in Santa Barbara, California, and Montreux, Switzerland, and leads his established design team, MSD, which has made a solid international name for itself for cutting edge design in various fields. Furthermore, Stehrenberger is visiting lecturer at the Art Center of Design College in Pasadena, US.

His further portfolio:

  • Design and development from concept to 3-D model for automobile manufacturers , Suppliers and accessories manufacturers in the USA, Asia and South America
  • Feasibility studies, detection of future trends, further development of existing products
  • Workshops for design studios on the topics of auto design and future trends
  • Design and development of auto accessoriesfor the global market
  • Illustration of future models
  • Production and moderation for TV reports with a focus on design in the USA and Europe
  • Guest speaker at dealer meetings, Car shows and presentations in German and English
  • Design and development of furniture, lighting and video games
  • Design and development of fashion for young women, swimwear, accessories, jewelry, glasses and sports shoes


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