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Alcraft GT: data, information, market launch, price

Alcraft Motors
Alcraft GT
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S ets other start-ups on the subject of electric mobility on small cars for the city or super athletes with extreme performance values, Alcraft takes a different approach. The British are planning an electrically powered touring car, with a sporty touch, but also very variable. The GT, drawn as a Shooting Brake, should easily swallow 500 liters of luggage and have a range of around 480 kilometers.

Electric travel with 600 PS

The drive is designed to be purely battery-electric, whereby the overall concept leaves room for a range extender that increases the range. The four-wheel drive with torque vectoring outlines a total of three electric motors with a total output of 600 hp and a maximum torque of 1,140 Nm. A maximum speed is not mentioned. The sprint time from zero to 100 km /h should be 3.5 seconds. The batteries are grouped in a T-shape in the center tunnel and behind the passengers.

Alcraft Motors
A large cargo area opens behind the two passengers.

The Alcraft GT is also variable in terms of the seating concept. The Brit comes as a two-seater, but can also be designed as a 2 + 2-seater on the same basis. The body is based on composite materials and carbon fiber laminate as well as short overhangs at the front and rear. The ribbon of windows seems to run around and is only interrupted by a carbon element on the B-pillar. The roof also predominantly uses glass.

Behind the seats and the battery block there is a level cargo area with floor rails and straps for securing the load. The cockpit is characterized by digital instruments and a large touchscreen on the dashboard. The driver and front passenger are separated by a massive central tunnel.

Still in theProject stage

So far the Alcraft GT is only available in the form of design drawings and a 1: 3 model. A drivable prototype should be developed shortly. Alcraft is currently relying on a crowdfunding campaign for possible series production.

Behind the start-up are entrepreneurs David Alcraft (pharmaceuticals and chemicals), Charles Morgan (from the British sports car manufacturer of the same name), Christopher Macgowen (ex Head of the British manufacturers' association SMMT), designer Matt Humphries (also Morgan) and Mark Carbery, who was a manager at Toyota, Daewoo and Michelin. Delta Motorsport from Silverstone could be won as a technical partner. The security technology should come from the supplier Continental.


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