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Albabstieg Autobahn A8: Closed several times in summer

The A8 motorway will be closed for a total of seven days in August and September. The so-called Albabstieg is then tight in the direction of Stuttgart between the Merklingen and Mühlhausen junctions.

The first closure will come during the summer holidays from Thursday, August 11th, from 10 p.m. to Monday, August 15th, 5 a.m. According to Autobahn GmbH, four kilometers of road surface will be renewed at this time. Since the freeway in this area is not wide enough, the section has to be completely closed.

Clearing work in September

Two more weekends (17/18/9) and 24/25/9 the Autobahn will be closed again between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Clearing work is scheduled here, the tree cuttings have to be transported away by helicopter. With the tree felling, the rock protection for 2023 on the Drackensteiner Hang is being prepared. In April 2022, stones had come loose from a rock face here.

Detours are signposted during the closures. Autobahn GmbH is asking for a wide-ranging detour from the Ulm-Elchingen motorway junction via the A7 and A6. From the Ulm-West junction, the route via the B10 and the B313 is recommended. In town, drivers are diverted from the Merklingen junction via the U6 to Mühlhausen.


The A8 motorway from Ulm in the direction of Stuttgart has to be closed for three weekends. Here the road surface is renewed and trees are felled in order to be able to secure a rock face later.


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