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Against driving bans: driving for fun despite Corona - why not?

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D he corona pandemic is forcing governments around the world to take sometimes extreme countermeasures, including a strict curfew. In addition to almost completely restricting the freedom of movement of entire societies, countries such as South Korea and Sweden are also adopting more differentiated strategies, sometimes with the aid of modern technologies.

In Germany, it is clear whether driving for fun is allowed, article-text-link href='https://topgear-autoguide.com/verkehr/corona-fahrverbote-wo-autofahren-noch-erlaubt-ist/' target='_ blank'> but according to federal states inconsistently regulated . Where exit restrictions apply, such as in Bavaria, Saxony and Saarland, Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt, sometimes even leaving the house /apartment is only allowed with a valid reason. This usually also applies to driving a car. If you don't want to break the law, you don't have to worry about jaunts there - even if that seems absurd. After all, there is no risk of infection in the car or on the motorcycle. On the contrary: it is higher in public transport.

Imaginary driving ban due to Corona?

All the more car enthusiasts could spend their time elsewhere without social contact with car or motorcycle excursions. Because in most federal states the requirements of the federal government apply, which do not prohibit a jaunt in the car.

Car enthusiasts like to drive. A pleasure trip in good weather should be allowed, especially in difficult times, when it does not harm anyone.

But is that appropriate when elsewhere in hospitals people are struggling for their lives and the highly stressed medical staff are with them? My Opinion: That itIn this country there is both joy and sorrow at the same time, does not justify preventing fun. In other words, if you don't harm others, you should be able to do what you want. This is a cornerstone of our social order. The minimization of suffering is generally considered to be ethically valuable. Minimizing joy, distraction and relaxation are not good deeds.

Corona regulations are not only good for us

Anti-corona measures have consequences that harm people, may even cost lives: For weeks, experts have been warning of a blatant increase in domestic violence under such conditions. The economic consequences of the restrictions will ruin many livelihoods. Then it is a matter of weighing up to decide on the lesser evil. The minimization of suffering therefore also means thinking about countermeasures against the corona measures at an early stage: If apps with movement data help with smart distancing, it makes sense to accept the uncertainty of your own data (anonymized) when we have the large ones Make internet octopuses available all the time for a little more convenience?

But the most important thing: Measures against the spread of the corona virus must be effective, otherwise they will not justify the resulting restrictions - and will not be understood. Driving around aimlessly may be pointless. A ban because it does not reduce the risk of infection.

Drive yes, speed no

Besides all the arguments that always speak against jaunts (CO2 emissions, sport is healthier, etc.) .), is now increasingly speaking against 'unnecessary' car journeys: If accidents with injured people occur, the medical staff, who are already under pressure, is challenged. That is why I would use the Colleagues from Motorrad agree: Bikers should abandon their bikes. The risk of accidents and injuries is much higher on two wheels. And of course, the following applies to trips with any vehicle: traffic violations are always forbidden, a cautious and prudent driving style is always required.

Who, even in times of Corona in beautiful weather, does not go for a lap in his vintage car or convertible For example, if you want to do without, you should also be aware that this pointless journey may have to be aimless. Because wherever too many day trippers meet, we run the risk of violating the ban on contact, spreading the corona virus or infecting us. And that is exactly what we should continue to do with our efforts.


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