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Again exhaust gas allegations: Opel denies increased CO2 values

Again exhaust gas allegations against Opel
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D The Monitor editorial team refers to three measurements that Opel carried out in its own test laboratory in Rüsselsheim at the end of October. The corresponding measurement protocols are available to Monitor. Own measurements by 'Monitor' in an exhaust gas inspection center in Switzerland have shown that the same type of vehicle with a 1.6-liter Euro 6 diesel engine exceeded the CO2 emissions by around 20 percent.

Opel rejects allegations

Opel emphatically and decisively rejects the claims of the TV magazine Monitor. The claim that the CO2 emissions of the Opel Zafira 1.6 CDTI are supposedly 15 percent above the official figures is false. The CO2 figures from Opel are correct.

The CO2 and consumption measurement is clearly regulated by law. The CO2 value of a vehicle type is determined in the presence of an independent testing service and certified by the approval authorities. Opel complies with the relevant regulations.

The Opel notification also states: According to the certification and the 'Certificate of Conformity' (COC) paper enclosed with the vehicle, the tested vehicle must have a CO2 value of 119 g /km. The information measurements consistently showed values ​​that were within the 10 percent range for which the monitor was referenced. Monitor's claim that the values ​​exceeded the certification value of 15 percent can only be explained by the fact that Monitor from results in a false certification value.

Opel itself provided the freelance journalist Peter Onneken with the above-mentioned protocol. The test results shown here were used to refute other misleading allegations from dubious experiments. Rather, they prove that Opel does not Uses software that recognizes whether a vehicle is on the test bench.

Opel has informed the journalist several times, both verbally and in writing made it clear that his conclusions were not admissible and scientifically not tenable.


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