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Aesthetics S-Sculpture: Presentation of the new Mercedes S-Class

Aesthetics S-sculpture
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D he staging shows the lines of the new luxury liner that was launched in 2013 the market will come. 'In three acts, the sculpture is staged with light using the most modern virtual design and realization means. The form is revealed through projected light reflections and creates a three-dimensional world,' says Mercedes about the Aesthetics S sculpture. In addition, the shapes of the previous S-Classes are integrated into the sculpture.

New Mercedes S-Class with a filigree look

With Aesthetics S, the brand with the star is the series of Sculptures continue, it includes the sculptures 'Aesthetics No. 1' (2010), 'Aesthetics No. 2' and 'Aesthetics 125' (both 2011).

The new Mercedes S-Class will be launched at the beginning of the year presented, its trade fair premiere will probably take place at the Geneva Motor Show. Compared to the current model, the new S-Class ( here the first information and pictures of the new Mercedes S-Class ) turn out to be more pleasing. The exhibited fenders are a thing of the past in the W222, and the beads are no longer quite as violent. The long engine hood and the almost coupé-like roof line with the narrow C-pillar are already striking in the Aesthetics S sculpture.


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