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Aeromobile Flying Car: Flying car blows up in traffic jams

Aeromobile Flying Car
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D he Slovak company Aeromobil has developed a flying car that looks like a car drives on the road and should work just as well as an airplane. On the road, two electric motors with a total of 110 hp drive the front wheels. This means that a maximum of 160 km /h is possible, the vehicle accelerates to 100 km /h in ten seconds.

110 HP on the road, 300 HP in the air

This is required to take off Flying car a maximum distance of 595 meters. In the air it reaches a maximum speed of 360 km /h. At 75 percent power and at an altitude of 1,200 meters, the range is 750 kilometers. The aircraft engine is a four-cylinder boxer with a displacement of two liters and a turbocharger. It has an output of 300 hp and drives the propeller directly. The engine weighs 110 kilograms.

The flying car is 5.9 meters long and 2.2 meters wide on the road. The height is 1.5 meters. Including a 240 kilogram payload, the maximum take-off weight is 960 kilograms. There is space for two people in the carbon fiber cabin.


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