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Advertisement: Seat Ibiza with H&R sport springs

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D he Spanish variant of the technically identical VW Polo combines a crisp design with a lively one Driving behavior. But there is still potential for improvement in terms of driving dynamics. The solution: Out with the standard springs and in with tailor-made H&R sport springs, which definitely meet the temperament of the compact speedster.

The H&R Performance Kit is also available in two versions: 35 or even 50 millimeters deeper to the taste of the vehicle owner are available. This is visually noticeable, but also ensures better steering behavior, less body inclination in bends and confident behavior in lateral acceleration. Of course, the H&R sport springs are supplied with a vehicle-specific parts certificate, the 30 /35mm version even with ABE. Tip for all Ibiza fans: H&R also has a suitable kit in its program for the other engine variants.

H&R optionally offers 'Trak +' wheel spacers in different widths from 16 to 44 millimeters. Equipped with this, the Ibiza stands even more confidently on the road - with original or retrofit wheels precisely aligned to the wheel arch edges.

H&R products for Seat Ibiza

Sport springs, Item number: 28706-1 (for type KJ /6F, 1.0 TSI petrol 70KW)
Price: 250.00 incl. VAT
Lowering VA /HA approx. 50 mm

Sport springs , Article number: 28711-1 (for type KJ /6F, 1.0 TSI petrol 70KW)
Price: 221.00 incl. VAT
Lowering VA /HA approx. 30/35 mm

Trak + wheel spacers, 16 - 44 mm
Price: from 76.00 incl. VAT



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