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Advertisement: Mercedes GLA 45 AMG with H&R sport springs

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3 60 turbo horsepower from just 2 liters of displacement are still the measure of things in this vehicle class. Nevertheless, the H&R engineers have also faced this challenge and developed a set of sport springs that was precisely matched to the standard dampers of the lively compact SUV. The result benefits the optics as well as the driving dynamics, steering is even more direct, and the body's inclination in fast corners is reduced again. Despite the lowering by 25 millimeters on the front axle and 15 millimeters at the rear, the high-performance GLA retains its full driving comfort. Of course, the H&R sport springs are delivered with a parts report.

Components for the Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG, Type 245 AMG, 2.0L petrol (265 KW)

H & R sport springs, article number 28809-3
Lowering VA approx. 25 mm
Lowering HA approx. 15 mm
RRP: 315.35 Euro including 19% VAT



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