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Advertisement: H&R suspension components for the Mustang

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D he H&R sport springs are the entry-level product into the H&R world and were precisely matched to the Mustang's dampers. In addition to lowering the vehicle's center of gravity by approx. 30mm and the associated more direct steering, the body inclination is also reduced in fast corners.

Since the H&R engineers were not exactly enthusiastic about the hard rear axle due to the shock, they have a second one Variant developed, which, in addition to the sport springs, includes more comfortably coordinated rear H&R shock absorbers. In addition to the now significantly better driving comfort, this solution also reduces the “trampling” of the rear axle and thus provides more grip when accelerating.

For even more individuality, the H&R suspension professionals have developed a monotube coilover kit. The stepless adjustment range allows a lowering between approx. 25-40 millimeters on the front axle and approx. 30-50 mm millimeters on the rear axle. The result is a further gain in driving dynamics and an extremely self-confident look.

Another building block on the way to the perfect Mustang chassis are the H&R sport stabilizers, which are convincing with significantly larger diameters than the series counterpart . They can be ordered either for the front axle only (34mm diameter, Item No. 33779-1) or as a set for both axles (VA 34mm diameter, HA 25mm diameter, Item No. 33779-2) and reduce the side tilt Noticeable again in fast corners. The precision-forged ends of the front axle stabilizer are also 3-way adjustable, and 2-way on the rear axle. Incidentally, they can also be combined with the standard chassis if only tightening but no lowering is desired.

The H&R range is rounded off by “Trak +” wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminum, which are available in various dimensions for the millimeter-precise alignment of standard and accessory wheels on the wheel arch edges are available.

All H&R components are Made in Germany and are always supplied with the required parts certificates.

H&R -Components for Ford Mustang GT Coupé, type LAE, 4-cyl. + V8

from model year 2018, original without “Magna Ride” (adaptive chassis)

Sport springs: Article no. 28779-1

Lowering VA /HA: approx. 30 mm

Price including VAT: 358.00 Euro

Sport springs including HA dampers: Article no. 28779-2

Lowering VA /HA: approx. 30 mm

Price including VAT: 729.00 Euro

Coilover suspension: Article no. 28776-5

Lowering VA: approx. 25-40 mm, HA: approx. 30-50 mm

Price including VAT: 1,545.00 Euro

Sport stabilizers for front axle, 3-way adjustable: Article number 33779-1

Price including VAT: 383.00 EURO

Sport stabilizer set for front and rear axles, VA 3-way, HA 2-way adjustable: Article number 33779-2

Price including VAT: 679.00 EURO

TRAK + wheel spacers

Silver or black anodized

Widths from 26-60mm /axle from 119.00 euros



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