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  • Advertisement: H&R sport springs for the VW Polo GTI (2018)

Advertisement: H&R sport springs for the VW Polo GTI (2018)

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3 5mm lowering (for vehicles with adaptive damper control: lowering VA /HA approx. 20mm) not only make the fun bolt look more sporty. Thanks to the perfect coordination with the chassis layout and the lowering of the vehicle's center of gravity, the Polo is now proving to be a real cornering talent. More direct turning and a reduced body roll in fast corners convey kart-like driving pleasure, also thanks to the slim 1,293 kilograms curb weight. The 320Nm torque of the Polo GTI also looks forward to more grip on the front axle.

The H&R Trak + wheel spacers promise even more individuality for precisely aligning standard or retrofit wheels on the outer edge of the fender.

A height-adjustable coilover suspension and sport stabilizers are currently under development.

All H&R products are 100 percent 'Made in Germany' and always have the necessary parts certificates.

H&R components for the VW Polo GTI

(type AW) /model year 2018 (also for vehicles with adaptive damper control)

sport springs, item numbers: 28711-2

price : 221.00Euro incl. 19% VAT

Lowering VA /HA approx. 35mm

For vehicles with adaptive damper control:

Lowering VA /HA approx. 20mm

Trak + wheel spacers silver or black anodized

from 16mm - 44mm widening per axle

Prices per axle from € 75.00 plus VAT



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