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Advertisement: H&R sport springs for the Ford Puma

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J A dynamism increases significantly again when a sentence in the new Puma which is also new H & R sport springs. With a lowering of the vehicle's center of gravity by approx. 35mm, it’s not only much more nimble around the corner, the side tilt is also noticeably reduced. In addition, the smaller ground clearance ensures an optical increase in width, especially when H&R wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminum are installed. They enable series and retrofit wheels to be aligned with millimeter precision on the fender edges and ensure the perfect wheelbase.

All H&R products are 'Made in Germany' and always have the required parts certificates.

(Picture shows Ford Puma with H&R sport springs (lowering approx. 35 mm) and H&R TRAK + wheel spacers VA 10 mm per wheel and HA 10 mm per wheel.)

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H&R suspension components for the Ford Puma, type J2K,

from year of construction 2019:

sport springs

article no. 29012-2

Lowering: VA /HA approx. 35 mm

Price (RRP): 223.51 EURO incl. 19% VAT.

Trak + wheel spacers, silver or black anodized

Extension: 20 or 30mm per axle

Price (RRP): from 122.09 EURO incl. 19% VAT



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