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Advertisement: H&R sport springs for the BMW X3M

Fit for the patrol
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S portable crossover, large family station wagon, taxi and, since recently Police car in North Rhine-Westphalia: The Ford S-Max has many talents that its buyers will appreciate one way or another.

In order to broaden the horizons of the likeable Cologne-born driver, the suspension specialists at H&R now have a set of sport springs launched, which brings the crossover closer to the ground and driving fun. Because what is good for a patrol car cannot be really bad in terms of driving dynamics.

The springs, which are precisely matched to the Ford series dampers, lower the vehicle's center of gravity by approx. 35 millimeters on both axles and thus ensure reduced body movements in fast corners or in sudden evasive maneuvers. In addition, there is a more direct turn-in, which sharpens the steering precision in a pleasant way. The measure also looks good on the vehicle, the wheels are now tight in their dwellings. Nevertheless, the long-distance driving comfort as well as the payload are preserved.

H&R Trak + wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminum, which will be available shortly, promise even more profile. Either silver or black anodized, standard and accessory wheels can be aligned to the fender edges with millimeter precision.

As usual at H&R, all products come with the required parts certificate and are 100% Made in Germany!

Ford S-Max, Type WA6, 2WD, Facelift 2015 incl. sports suspension, incl. interactive suspension system, without level control

Sport springs
Article no .: 28759-1
Lowering: VA /HA approx. 35 mm
Price (RRP): 367.15 EURO incl. 19% VAT.

Trak + wheel spacers silver or black anodized
Widening: 40-60mm (per axle)
Price (RRP): from 142.55 EURO incl. 19% VAT



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