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Advertisement: H & amp; R sport springs for the VW T-Roc R

Rock 'n' Roll in the compact class
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D he T-Roc from Volkswagen sells splendidly and takes third place within the group! The Wolfsburg-based company knows that there could possibly be even more and recently put the T-Roc R next to the 'Normalo'. With its 300 turbo hp and the 4.8 sprint to 100 km /h, the crisp all-wheel drive has really earned the 'R'.

Just like the H&R sport springs, which are meticulously matched to the standard dampers and lower the vehicle's center of gravity by 25 millimeters at the front and rear. This ensures an increase in steering dynamics and reduced body movement in fast corners. Nevertheless, the driving comfort is at an unrestricted level suitable for long journeys. The chassis Refinement knows how to impress visually anyway.

All that's missing is the TRAK + wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminum, with which the millimeter-precise alignment of series and retrofit wheels on the fender edges is possible and the 'T' really rocks!

All H&R products are 'Made in Germany' and always have the necessary parts certificate.

The picture shows the VW T-Roc R with 25mm lowering and Trak + wheel spacers VA + HA 10mm ( per bike)

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H&R suspension components for the VW T-Roc R, type A1 4WD,
only with sports suspension and adaptive damping
from year of construction 2019

Sport springs:
Art.Nr .: 28724-4
Lowering: VA 25 mm /HA 25 mm
Price ( RRP): 293.47 incl. 19% VAT

Trak + wheel spacers
Widening 6 - 30mm per axle
Price (RRP): from 44.83 incl 19% VAT.



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