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Advertisement: H & amp; R sport springs for the Ford S-Max

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D thanks to the technical affinity to the Ford Mondeo, mom and dad's darling drives just as fast . This is due to the typically sporty Ford chassis. But the better is the enemy of good - only the new sport spring set from H & R shows the full potential of the S-Max.

The stronger springs fit the popular turbodiesel 2.0 TDCI with 132 kW (180 PS) in the Ford S- Max. This reduces the vehicle's center of gravity at the front and rear by up to 35 millimeters. Success: The roadholding of the strong van is better, the side tilt is reduced.

Additional effect: Optional light alloy rims such as the 17-inch 'Easy Clean' are optimally positioned in their wheel arches and give the Sport-Max a more dynamic appearance in everyday life. The sport springs have been extensively tested and are of course supplied with parts reports for the S-Max.

There is more: The H&R range also includes Trak + wheel spacers for the new Ford S-Max. This means the van is even wider, more powerful and more individual on the road.

H&R products for Ford S-Max 2.0 TDCI (132 kW /180 S)

Sport springs, item numbers: 28759-1 (Ford S-Max, Type WA 6)
Lowering VA /HA approx. 35 mm
Prices were not yet fixed at the time of going to press



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