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Advertisement: H & amp; R makes Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake cooler

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M With these, the vehicle's center of gravity on the front and rear axles will be about 25 Lowered millimeters, which skillfully highlights the dynamic lines of the design and makes the car an eye-catcher. At the same time, the new sport springs ensure additional agility and sportiness on all roads.

Thanks to H&R, brisk cornering doesn't disturb the chic Benz so quickly. This is where H & R's expertise as a technology partner of the Mercedes-AMG team in the DTM comes into play once more - the spring characteristics specially tailored to the vehicle ensure noticeably more driving fun - even with the powerful 1.6-liter gasoline engine in the CLA 200 with 156 PS.

H&R also offers Trak + wheel spacers from 6 to 60 millimeters wide per axle. With these, the wheels can be precisely aligned to the wheel arch edges - for an individual and sporty appearance of the elegant tourer

H&R sport springs for the Mercedes -Benz CLA Shooting Brake, 2WD, type 245G, 1.6L petrol (115 KW)

sport springs, item number: 28858-4
lowering lowering VA /HA approx. 25 mm
price (RRP ): € 268.17 incl. VAT

TRAK + wheel spacers silver and black
6 to 60 mm per axle
Price (RRP): € 41.98 to € 127.14 incl



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