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Advertisement: H & amp; R helps VW e-Golf to achieve more sporting spirit

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D with plenty of torque and a shift-free transmission, the E-models are comparable to their diesel models -Competitors in no way. So is the VW e-Golf. With a strong 270 Nm and 85 kilowatts, comparable to 115 PS, the electric version of Germany's bestseller model is fast on the move. And that's why the suspension professionals from H&R have insisted on including a matching sport spring set for the greenest Golf in addition to the fast R models.

This ensures a dynamic appearance of the electrified Wolfsburgers. The H&R sport springs, which are exclusively tailored to the model and its standard dampers, give the 5-door that crucial little bit more driving dynamics and make the distinctive 16-inchers look even better in the wheel arches. Lowering the vehicle's center of gravity by around 25 millimeters improves steering behavior and reduces the body's inclination when cornering. And increases driving pleasure.

But that's not enough: As for all Golf versions, H&R offers the 'Trak +' wheel spacer package for the e-Golf Golf, which enables an even sportier and individual alignment of the wheels .

H&R components for the VW e-Golf VII type AU (85KW /115 PS)

H&R Sport springs item number 28843-11
Lowering VA /HA: 25 mm
Price (RRP): 242.45 incl. 19% VAT

Trak + wheel spacers
in preparation



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