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Advertisement H & amp; R coil springs for the BMW M3 (2018)

Fine tuning of driving dynamics
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W important to know: The chassis upgrade, also known as the 'HVF system', is taking place in models with the optional adaptive chassis as well as in the BMW standard version. Either way - the series dampers are retained. Thanks to the ingenious technology of the H&R coil springs, the vehicle's center of gravity moves downwards, variably height-adjustable, on the front axle between 30-45 millimeters, at the rear between 10 and 25mm. This ensures an even more direct turn-in and reduces the body roll in fast corners without sacrificing the necessary driving comfort. The optics of the coupé also benefit from the measure.

Also available are H&R 'Trak +' wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminum, with which standard and accessory wheels fill the wheel arches with millimeter precision on the outer edges Align the fender. Another gain in terms of driving dynamics and optics.

Of course, sport springs, monotube coilovers and sport stabilizers remain in the H&R delivery program.

All H&R products are 100 percent 'Made in Germany' and always have the necessary parts certificates.

H&R HVF systems are only available through selected sales partners.

H&R coil springs for BMW M3 (F80)

Type M3

Item number: 23003-1

Lowering: VA 30-45mm /HA 10-25mm

Price (RRP): 729.00 Euro including 19% VAT.

TRAK + wheel spacers

Silver or black anodized

Widening: from 20 mm per axis

Prices (RRP): from 85.00 euros per axis incl. 19% VAT.



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