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Advent Calendar 2020: Prizes worth € 27,000!

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It starts here again from DECEMBER 1, 2020

Then you can join the puzzle and with a little luck win one of the numerous great advent calendar prizes! In our B ildergalerie you can see what is hidden behind the closed door. BUT: The order in the gallery does not match that in the calendar. So it's worth taking a look every day - and taking part!

And this is how it works: Simply click on the door - all doors are visible from the day they are opened until December 31, 2019 at 11:59 pm ! Enter the solution to the competition question and your address in the form. No fear. There is always a hint where the solution could be hidden.

The drawing of all winners will take place in January 2021. We will notify the winners after the drawing by email by the winning sponsors (smaller but important tip: check the spam filter from time to time). And now: good luck!


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