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Adaptive high beam: new lighting concept in the VW Touareg

Adaptive high beam
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S o slowly intelligent lighting technology is getting the attention it deserves. Now that bright, powerful xenon lights have established themselves and functions such as cornering and cornering lights have penetrated into the smaller classes, now comes the freestyle in the form of intelligent and situationally controlled high beam.

The driver no longer has to worry about high beam switches

As usual, it will first find its way into the luxury class, in this case the new VW Touareg. For a surcharge of 450 euros, the so-called 'Dynamic Light Assist' supplements the bi-xenon (V6: 1,430 euros) standard in the V8 models with a maskable permanent high beam. Once switched on, the driver no longer has to worry about the position of the high beam switch. The system independently enables the greatest possible illumination of the road.

In connection with the camera behind the windshield, which is also responsible for lane detection, the high beam modules remain permanently active. If the camera detects that other road users may be dazzled, they are dimmed (masked) in these areas.

Touareg can cut road users out of the light cone

This is where DLA differs from the previously known high beam assistants. They either blindly glare up and down (BMW) or push the entire light cone steplessly towards those oncoming or ahead. The Touareg, on the other hand, can avoid other road users from the high beam, opens them like a scissor and maintains the full light intensity and beam width around them.

This is made possible by a movable panel between the reflector with the xenon burner and the Lens. In addition, the left and right modules pivot independently of one another using the cornering light. At 65 km /h and above, the light cone of the Touareg moves towards the rear of the vehicle in front or even past the car without the driver being dazzled.


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