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ADAC child seat test 2019: many are good, but two fail

ADAC child seat test 2019
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23 are “good”, 3 “satisfactory”, 2 “sufficient”

The majority of the tested products - 23 in number - achieved the rating “good”, three more were classified as “satisfactory”. Two received a “sufficient” rating: the “Britax Römer Max-Way Plus” for children from one to seven years with an overall grade of 3.6 and the “Apramo All Stage” for children up to around twelve years of age (grade 3.8). Here is the exact point table:

Clef: 0.5 - 1.5: 'very good'; 1.6 - 2.5: 'good'; 2.6 - 3.5: 'satisfactory'; 3.6 - 4.5: 'sufficient'; 4.6 - 5.5: 'poor'

The ADAC testers positively rate the fact that manufacturers are offering more and more child seats that can be used from infants to older children. These models consistently score with “good” or “satisfactory”. The alarm systems included in some of the seats to prevent children from being forgotten in the car were not convincing. The experts therefore advise parents not to rely on this technology.

Twice 'poor': the test losers

However, a Maxi-Cosi product also ends up at the other end of the table . The 'TobiFix' was devalued because the cover material contains the flame retardant TCPP in too high a concentration. In fact, the measured value exceeds the EU limit value for toys. Therefore the test score 4.6 - poor.

The loser in the test is the “Chicco Oasys i-Size Bebecare”, which the ADAC warned against at the beginning of April, i.e. before the overall test was published. In the frontal crash test, which the ADAC carried out together with foreign automobile clubs and consumer protection organizations, the belt buckle of the baby seat tore from the associated i-Size base. The child dummy was thrown out of the seat with full force, which could lead to serious injuries in a real accident.

That is the cause

The problematic belt buckle is held in place by a loop, which is secured from below with a plastic buckle. TheseBuckle broke during the crash test, whereupon the seat belt buckle loop slipped out. Apparently the center strut of the buckle was not able to cope with the jerky movements during the crash. According to its own statement, the manufacturer Chicco now only delivers a revised version of the baby seat. However, the ADAC warns that the model in question may still be available from some dealers.

Anyone who has already bought a Chicco Oasys i-Size child seat for children between 40 and 78 centimeters should go for it contact the manufacturer. Chicco offers customer service support and free replacement parts - click here for the German contact form Italian manufacturer .

The ADAC child seat test provided another unpleasant finding: the models are becoming more and more expensive. The majority cost at least 200 euros, some are even over 500 euros. The loser in the test shows that high-priced seats don't always have to be good: The “Chicco Oasys i-Size Bebecare” costs 400 euros and is therefore one of the more expensive models in its class. At the same time, there are child seats that are available for less than 100 euros and that have received good marks from the ADAC testers. This applies to the 'Nania Beone SP' or the 'Britax Römer Adventure'.


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