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Accompanied driving at the age of 17 - driving license

Accompanied driving
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D This applies initially until 2010 and has since been implemented by all federal states. It enables young drivers to drive a car (driving license classes B and BE) accompanied by an adult from the age of 17. The aim of the model project is to minimize the accident rate among young drivers.

Driving license at 17 - this is important to note

If you want to conquer the streets at the wheel of a car at the age of 17, you have to take a few things into account. Training in a driving school can begin at the age of 16 years and six months at the earliest. An application for participation in the model project must be submitted to the respective driver's license office. In addition, the consent of the legal guardian is required - also for the named accompanying person (s).

They must be at least 30 years old, have held a class B /three driving license for at least five years without interruption and may not be more than three Have points in the Flensburg traffic offender register. In addition, accompanying the new driver requires an alcohol level of less than 0.5 per thousand and abstinence from any intoxicants. Any number of accompanying persons can be named. Each accompanying person must confirm in writing that they are aware of their tasks.

Driving is only allowed on German roads

If the driver's license test has been passed, the new pilot is given a so-called test certificate. These and your identity card must be carried with you on every journey from now on. The trial period is two years. Up to the age of 18, you can only drive with an accompanying person - and only within Germany. The examination certificate loses its validity three months after the 18th birthday. In exchange for an exchange, you will then receive a regular driver's license.

By the way: Anyone who violates the requirements faces revocation of the driving license, a fine of 50 euros and a point in Flensburg. Then the new freedom is quickly over. It can only be regained by attending an advanced seminar.


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