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AC Schnitzer Police BMW X4 20i: Blue light for the SUV Coupé

Stefan Baldauf
AC Schnitzer Police BMW X4 20i
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J year after year, the initiative' Tune it ! Safe 'of the Association of German Automobile Tuners eV (VDAT) a refiner to prepare a vehicle for possible police use. The message behind the campaign: Tuning should be fun and safe at the same time.

For the 10th anniversary of the initiative, AC Schnitzer built a police vehicle based on the BMW X4 20i. The tuner is exhibiting the exhibit at the VDAT booth at the Essen Motor Show 2014.

Police X4 212 km /h fast

Anyone who wants to hunt down criminals needs power. That's why the Aachen-based company has increased the output of the 4-cylinder biturbo from 184 to 245 hp. As a result, the Schnitzer police car should sprint to 100 km /h in 6.7 seconds.

The AC Schnitzer police BMW X4 20i passes the elasticity test from 80 to 180 km /h in 17.5 seconds. The hunted criminal car should not be faster than 212 km /h - otherwise the SUV coupé will lose the connection.

So that the BMW X4 of the initiative 'Tune it! Safe!' Awe the thieves respect, AC Schnitzer has equipped the SUV with a front spoiler lip, a rear diffuser and carbon mirror covers.

AC Schnitzer BMW X4 20i with blue light system

The X4 20i goes without saying in blue and white. Schnitzer equipped the police vehicle with a special signal system on the roof for the use of blue lights. The company Hella donated flashing beacons.

22-inch rims fitted with Hankook tires ensure contact with the road. A new suspension spring set lowers the AC Schnitzer Police BMW X4 20i by around 30 millimeters at the front and 25 millimeters at the rear.

The sportier appearance of the SUV coupé is rounded off by two chrome-plated sports exhaust trims on the right and left at the rear. True to the motto, all tuning elements are TÜV-tested.

AC Schnitzer equips the interior with aluminum pedals, aluminum footrests, keyholders and floor mats made of velor.

In In our picture gallery we show you the X4 as well as the other models of the 'Tune it! Safe!'



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