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Abt VW T5: Up to 240 hp for the transporter

Abt VW T5
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D he look of the VW T5 evaluates Tuner Abt with a new front grille ( 310 euros) and a new front spoiler (580 euros). The Allgäu tuner calculates new daytime running lights at 410 euros. The flanks of the T5 should win through new side skirts, which cost between 670 and 740 euros depending on the wheelbase. In the rear view, the VW T5 in the Abt look impresses with a roof edge spoiler (330 euros) and a new rear apron (550 euros). The new appearance is rounded off by 19-inch rims with 255/40 tires, which cost € 3,790 as a complete wheel set.

Up to 240 hp for the Abt VW T5

Abt optimizes the exhaust system with its own four-pipe rear muffler that fits the in-house rear apron and is charged at 870 euros. Shorter suspension springs (310 euros) or a completely new sports suspension (1,180 euros) should provide more driving dynamics.

Of course, tuner Abt is also working on the performance of the T5 engines. The two-liter turbo gasoline engine is increased from 204 hp and 350 Nm to 240 hp and 400 Nm by means of a new engine management system. The top speed increases from 197 to 202 km /h, the sprint time drops from 9.9 to 9.4 seconds.

The two-liter TDI with 180 hp and 400 Nm as standard has also been sharpened with a new engine management system. 200 PS and 440 Nm are available after the upgrade. The Vmax increases here to 196 km /h, the sprint time drops to 10.1 seconds. As with the aforementioned gasoline engine, the conversion costs are 1,949 euros.

At a uniform price of 1,249 euros, Abt also offers performance enhancements for the other performance variants of the two-liter TDI. The 84 PS version increases to 110 PS, the 102 PS version has 130 PS and the standard 140 becomes 170 PS.


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