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Abt Audi S3 sedan: power boost up to 400 hp

Abt Audi S3 sedan
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D he first performance level from the Abt modular system heaves the serial 300 HP and 380 Nm two-liter turbo gasoline engine to 370 HP and 460 Nm. The top speed is increased to 265 km /h. The costs for the additional module for the engine control are 2,490 euros.

Abt Audi S3 with up to 400 HP

If the 'Power S' stage is ignited, the output of the four-cylinder increases to 400 PS and 480 Nm. The top speed is also increased here to 265 km /h. In addition to the engine control module, the price of 4,390 euros also includes a new front pipe with sports catalytic converter.

Abt upgrades the chassis of the S3 with sports stabilizers at a price of 490 euros and various rims with diameters from 18 to 20 inches. The wheel sets start at 2,200 euros, complete wheel sets are available from 3,420 euros.

A new front grille (365 euros), fender inserts in the shape of a gill (150 euros) and a rear apron set that also costs 3,080 euros are pleasing to the eye includes a new sports exhaust system with four tailpipes. If you want to keep the standard rear apron, you can also get the sports exhaust system individually at a price of 2,590 euros.


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