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Abt-Audi RS6-R at the Geneva Motor Show: 730 HP and the loss of innocence

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Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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N ormally, you can drive an Audi RS6 for weekly shopping without having to worry. Thoughts about the fact that everyone knows what power is under the bonnet. This advantage of the truly successful understatement does not apply to the Abt-Audi RS6-R. The world should know: We pack 730 hp and 920 Nm in a station wagon and make it look like that.

Standard recipes bring the Abt-Audi RS6-R to 730 hp

First of all, however About the engine: the four-liter V8 turbo in the series RS6 already delivers an impressive 560 hp. An additional control unit from Abt in combination with a stainless steel exhaust system including center and rear silencer gives the engine 170 extra horsepower. The TFSI makes 730 hp after tuning. The maximum power is at 5,700 /min to 6,600 /min, the torque increased from 700 to 920 Nm already at 1,750 /min.

According to the tuner, the Abt-Audi RS6-R is supposed to measure in with it Accelerate to 100 km /h for 3.3 seconds. The production model is more than half a second longer with 3.9 seconds. The Abbot should reach its maximum speed of 320 km /h. That is 70 km /h more than with the production model without an additional Vmax increase. 'In theory there is more to it,' says Abbot Björn Marek; the limiting factor, however, are the tires. In the case of the tuned RS6, these are 295 mm wide slippers from the manufacturer Dunlop, which are strapped onto new 22-inch rims from Abt.

An Abt in the carbon age

In addition to the rims, Abt offers even more exterior modifications that lead to the aforementioned loss of innocence. This includes a front splitter with airblades and flics made of carbon fiber. These measures are mainly known from racing. There they ensure increased downforce at the front of the vehicle; Contact pressure to prevent understeering and lubrication of the tires. And just like the huge rims: Something like that is immediately noticeable, racing technology on a production car.

The modified front has been joined by modified side skirts including sideblades, a two-part rear apron attachment, a small rear spoiler and mirror caps - all made of carbon . The front fenders have ventilation slots, the chassis crouches closer to the road thanks to a shorter set of springs. Inside the Abt-Audi RS6-R there is a new sports steering wheelShift indicator, seats decorated by the tuner from Kempten and floor mats.

Abt-Audi RS6-R: Complete tuning costs just under 60,000 euros

The price for the complete tuning package is 59,900 Euros gross. Of course, there is also the price for the Audi RS6, which is at least 108,000 euros. So you pay more than half the new car to lose an important advantage. Alternatively, the increase in performance is also available without a pimped look - for true understatement, if a Ferrari 458 should get too cheeky on the highway. Or just for relaxed shopping.


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