Abbot Audi S6: Almost at RS6 level

Abbot Audi S6
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I n the series separate the Audi S6 and the RS6 110 PS and 150 Nm torque and a price difference of around 30,000 euros. Then the Allgäu tuner Abt comes on the scene.

Abt Audi S6 is 290 km /h fast

With an additional control unit for the engine control, the four-liter biturbo V8 gets 550 PS and 680 Nm of torque. At the same time, the limit for the maximum speed increases to 290 km /h. Abt charges 5,490 euros for the performance boost. Exhaling is done by a powerful ABT silencer system with four tailpipes.

If you run like a competitive athlete, you also need the right outfit: Abt offers fender inserts for the S6 (285 euros), mirror caps with a finish in shiny carbon fiber ( 720 euros) and also a rear spoiler made of ultra-light CFRP (2,390 euros). The athlete's dress code naturally also calls for high-end footwear, with rims with a diameter of 20 and 21 inches being available (complete wheel sets from 4,880 euros).

For the air suspension, Abt has a lowering module that surrounds the body 20 mm on the front axle and 15 mm on the rear axle. At the same time, the account balance drops by 2,070 euros. Abt is upgrading the interior with new door entry lighting, its own start button, foot and trunk mats with the ABT logo and an LED switch display in the steering wheel rim.


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