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A motorist's point of view: Ten annoying behaviors

A matter of opinion of drivers
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U nd the groundhog greets you every day: You won't believe how often your colleagues do Come to the office in the morning and tell about their adventurous experiences in traffic that they had on the way to work or on the weekend in front of the supermarket. It was precisely this 'once again' that prompted us to use a tally sheet to track which annoying behavior patterns occur particularly frequently. Here are our top ten bad driving habits.

The traffic light snorer

Even if it is not statistically verifiable , we drivers spend what feels like years at red lights. We don't need those sleepyheads that are only woken up by the horn of the man behind when it is green. When it is dark yellow, they get going and everyone else looks into the tube - the red one.

Cell phone on your ear

Often the snoring is caused by the fact that a cell phone on the ear is more important than concentrating on the traffic. One hand is used to switch, the other holds the phone. And who is driving? Am i in a bad movie? Nowadays, a hands-free kit costs no more than a cinema ticket.

One car, but two parking spaces

This problem has increased in recent years because the German housewife and mother are now being equipped with generously sized off-road vehicles. Then there are still two free parking spaces in the shopping street, both of which are blocked by an SUV after ten minutes of maneuvering back and forth under loud honking of waiting motorists. Regardless of whether out of laziness or inability - if you can't park your off-roader properly, you should get a smaller, clearer vehicle.

Parking in second row

Even worse, however, are the road users who do not even feel the need to park their car in a parking space. Instead of walking the few meters to the bakery, they start the engine so that only a little later they park the car in the second row with hazard warning lights in front of the door. They laboriously work off pounds in the gym, and a short walk to the bakery could help. A positive side effect: the street wouldn't be as congested and it wouldn't blink like it did on that oneFun fair.

Tank and rest

Another annoying habit ensures that the motorway filling stations are often unnecessarily long Form lines in front of the gas pumps. Because instead of paying your fuel quickly and clearing the column again, it is in vogue to first stroll casually through the shop, go to the toilet or call grandma. Is it so difficult to first park your car in the parking lot and then go to the toilet and the temple of consumption?

The blinker

Why are the car manufacturers actually constructing the many new assistance systems when the normal driver doesn't even use the simplest safety feature, the indicator lever? Don't get me wrong, it's not about changing lanes at three at night on a lonely freeway. It's all about these crazy people who hit the hook like rabbits between the lanes on the packed motorway, as if the Formula 1 Grand Prix was about overtaking just before the finish line. It goes without saying that the indicator lever is a minor matter. In addition, many now seem to believe that you don't have to blink when you exit a roundabout - that is misinformation!

The mystery of the zipper process

When motorways narrow in Germany, this also applies to the driver's horizon. We could all move forward faster if we respected each other more. With the construction site narrowed to one lane, it would be much faster if motorists drove to the narrowing in both lanes and then quickly merged. But the latter obviously prevent excessive egos at the wheel. Motto: Before the next man comes through the construction site a minute in front of me, I prefer to brake him and the traffic jam is done.

The Left-wanderer

In general, it seems to be extremely important for many motorists that other road users do not advance faster than they do. How else can it be explained that some people sneak for hours in the left lane, even though the right lane completely is orphaned? Some drivers of large luxury cars are even of the opinion that the left lane belongs only to them, regardless of whether they are driving 250 or 100 km /h.


However, the species just described is often slowed down by hobby trucks in mobile homes who overtake the trucks of their professional colleagues with daring maneuvers at 95 km /h, only to make the holiday trip to Rimini at 14, 5 instead of 15 hours, or to wait 15 minutes longer for the ferry to Sweden.

This is outdated

Of course no one is againstovertaking. Only the drivers who don't dare to pull past a slow moving truck on the country road. They don't have to. But does that mean the man behind also has to stroll along? Can't you leave a gap in the pearl necklace behind the truck so that faster-moving people can cut in to overtake it at the right moment? Why do fast and slow driving drivers fail to tolerate each other? Nobody is without faults and faults, but a little more thinking and respect would certainly not hurt in traffic.


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