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A matter of opinion Quad: Such a Quad-sh!

A matter of opinion Quad
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M it dem Renunciation is one of those things: it is easiest for those who do not have to give up anything themselves. Like the motorist who doesn't ride a motorcycle, for example. Nonetheless, in some cases a strong warning is in order - as here. It's about the phenomenon of quads, which has grown in popularity in recent years. They are probably the strangest mix of car and motorcycle on our roads since the trikes, but are currently experiencing a boom whose end is not yet in sight.

Quads can be anything, even tractors for agriculture and forestry

There are around 150,000 of these vehicles in Germany today, estimates the Association of the German Insurance Industry. Exactly how many there are is difficult to say because the term quad covers different types of vehicles: the weaker models with insurance license plates, the larger models with a license plate, and the heavy off-road models that are used as agricultural and forestry tractors under driving license law ( !) be treated. Even the police find it difficult to classify them and in the past have assigned quads to motorcycles and cars for statistical purposes.

The biggest drawback is the mostly missing differential

Which brings us closer to the problem: Despite their four-wheeled structure, which pretends to be deceptively safe when dealing with the small engines, quads are structurally closer to a motorcycle than a car. They also contain some technical features that are not apparent at first glance, but which have a negative impact on vehicle control. These include the motorcycle handlebar, which is difficult to move in conjunction with large-tread tires, the less sensitive throttle actuation based on the bicycle bell principle and the differential on the drive axle, which is still missing in many models (only mandatory from 2016). These characteristics often lead to accidents with fatal consequences, especially with inexperienced drivers.

Quad driving is ten times more dangerous than driving a car

According to a study by the German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) that is The risk of being seriously injured or even killed in an accident is around ten times higher with a quad than with a car. Quad drivers cause a good 85 percent of the accidents in which they are involved. This was the result of an analysis of almost 500 Quad accidents theFrom 2009 to 2012 in Bavaria and about 140 serious accidents from the files of the insurers. Accordingly, the risk of accidents per kilometer driven is twice as high as with a car. According to the analysis, cornering in particular is a major problem in accidents - two thirds of driving accidents involving quads result from unintentional deviating from the lane. The result: serious collisions with oncoming traffic or with obstacles next to the road. So it turns out that quads, which are primarily intended for use in easy terrain, link the conceptual disadvantages of cars and motorcycles - poor handiness and lack of crumple zone - in an ominous way with structural defects.

Quads are not made for the road

Despite all the enthusiasm for off-road capabilities and the robustness of quads, it must be clear to all drivers: They are for regular use on the road - despite possible street legal - neither suitable nor made.

Note: Sometimes doing without is not a question of self-control, but simply the better choice.


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