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A matter of opinion of motorcyclists and motorists: the lives of others

Jörg Künstle
A matter of opinion for motorcyclists and motorists
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M sometimes you have to be lucky in life. Like me now. I am allowed to write something in a car magazine on the relationship between motorists and motorcyclists. Or rather the disproportion. And what we motorcyclists want from motorists in order to improve this relationship. It is as if you were allowed to be in the 'Brigitte' as a model man for the opposite sex, with all clarity, what we want in our relationship think now (unless you are a man). And of course we are talking about traffic here too. But a short 'more sex' is not enough. It's more complicated, and that starts with the distribution of roles. Because in the event of a conflict, when the going gets tough, we motorcyclists are the weaker sex, hurt like hell, break our bones or even our necks. But: when it comes to speed, dynamism, individual freedom - then the matter is reversed. Then we are clearly the stronger ones.

In Italy, France, Spain - they willingly make room there

And that's probably part of the problem. At least from a motorcyclist's point of view. Because whenever we could have a clear run, you definitely stand in the way. Just like at the traffic lights in rush hour. In Italy, France, Spain - there they willingly make room, leaving an alley for the two-wheelers, because they are gone before many a motorist has shifted into gear. Quite different in Germany. Some are moving even closer to the center of the lane. Just don't let anyone forward - as if you had to wait longer. But not true. Because we don't lengthen the queue, we just drive past it.

In general, many of our difficulties with one another are primarily based on insufficient knowledge of the other side. A nice example: the ability to accelerate, regardless of the speed range. Because we are not only gone at lightning speed at the traffic lights, but also on the highway in a jiffy, past you. If only you would let us. Just turn right when the truck is overtaken, even if a second one appears on the horizon. A short moment is enough for us, then we're over. Just for comparison: A modern sports motorcycle accelerates from zero to 200 in a good seven secondskm /h. An average Porsche easily needs twice the time, a station wagon like a BMW 330d almost four times as long.

Radiator hood or ditch?

And while we're on the pace: Even in the city, when the traffic light turns green, we're there much faster than you think. But not nearly as manoeuvrable as our slim silhouette would have you believe - so if you see our spotlight, please don't turn if in doubt. Or get out quickly and pull the door wide open. That gets us into real trouble, then we hit. Because we need at least as much space and time to evade as a car. And even a significantly longer distance until we are standing.

Or on the country road: While you are drawn in, we are driven out. If you turn in too early and cut the curve while we are on our ideal line, it will go badly. Especially for us, because not only the wiser but usually also the weaker gives in. For us that means: hood or ditch.

Oh, there are so many other things. The best thing would be to get on a motorcycle yourself. Then you would know what I am talking about. Like us. Because we all drive cars and we know how you feel. That's why we get on our bikes.


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