A comparison of body concepts: BMW 220d

Hans-Dieter Seufert
BMW 220d Coupé and Cabrio
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D he typical convertible weak points bypasses the open Two-seater with flying colors: Passengers in row two sit surprisingly comfortably and enjoy sufficient legroom, which is made possible by a steep rear seat backrest. It can be folded forward with a single movement, creating a large through-loading that connects the trunk to the interior. Since the hood mimics take up a bit of space at the side, the passengers sit closer to each other than in the coupé.

Therefore, there is only space for an armrest and a rear seat that can be folded down when the two are closed. In addition, its trunk swallows 55 liters more luggage - but there is no more convenient way to load it: in both cases, cargo has to be maneuvered through a small opening. The massive four-cylinder diesel with 190 hp burns robustly here and there, after all, the coupé dampens driving noise audibly more effectively.

BMW 2 Series Convertible over 100 kilos heavier

That the convertible accelerates just as quickly 100 accelerates like the 115 kilo lighter Coupé, has a reason: the optional eight-speed automatic which was built into the convertible test car, while the closed 220d started with a manual six-speed box. BMW puts the additional weight of the transmission at 20 kilos, which is why the convertible-typical stiffeners account for 95 kilos.

And they pay off on bad routes. So it has to go over nasty asphalt faults in order to notice a minimal tremor. Only then do slight creaking noises from the driver's door become noticeable. The 2 Series Convertible doesn't seem quite as stiff as an open TT. On normal routes, however, this is just as not noticeable as the comfort or handling differences between the two 2-series: In the 18-meter slalom and when changing lanes twice, the convertible is even slightly ahead.

Hardly any weaknesses in the 2-series convertible

BMW can pay for its qualities well: The open 220d is just under 5,000 euros above its closed brother. They are unlikely to be recoverable when reselling. When used as a convertible, the three-year-old predecessor 1 Series is only around 1,000 euros above the Coupé, which is obviously very popular with BMW fans.

In terms of handling and driving dynamics, the spacious and variable 2 Series Convertible is on par the closed version and doesn't have to hide in terms of rigidity and background noise.Occasional sun worshipers should be put off by the fabric roof surcharge of almost 5,000 euros.


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