9 heated car seat covers in the test

9 heated car seat covers tested
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S o beautiful winter may be, drivers it is sometimes a tough test. Not only do you have to cope with poor road conditions, you also have to regularly clear ice and snow from vehicles in the morning when they are parked outdoors. To top it off, there is a cold interior waiting for the occupants.

It usually takes a few kilometers for the conventional vehicle heating to generate comfortable temperatures. In the case of contact surfaces such as seats, on the other hand, only a direct supply of heat can provide quick relief. Since seat heating warms the buttocks and back directly, the driver usually no longer freezes after a few minutes. However, not all vehicles have this useful equipment detail. Even with new cars, it is often not part of the standard equipment and has to be ordered separately. Depending on the manufacturer and model, this can cost between 200 and 350 euros. The purchase is even more expensive if the heater is only sold as a package with other accessories.

Seat covers from 13 to 100 euros

The accessories trade offers an inexpensive alternative in the form of heated seat covers at. Simple versions without temperature control are sold for less than ten euros. The big advantage of this inexpensive solution: Installation poses no problems even for technical laypeople. The mats are simply placed on the car seat, fastened with straps under the seating and the cover is connected to the cigarette lighter or the twelve-volt socket - done. No more effort is required. The only question left is: what good are the heated seat covers? A practical test by our sister magazine Autostraßenverkehr, which examines both the user-friendliness and the heating performance, provides the answer.

The editorial team obtained nine mats from retailers at prices between 13 and 100 euros. More expensive versions were preferred because they are equipped with a two-stage temperature control and overheating protection. The mats also had to be suitable for seats with side airbags. That means: The fastening systems were not allowed to run in the area of ​​the protective device.

This is how we tested

The test was divided into three areas. On the one hand, the user-friendliness was in the test plan: How are the mats processed, how well the equipment is, and how understandableis the instruction manual? The second area covered the feel-good factor: is the upholstery sufficient, how does the fabric feel, does the mat slip on the seat, and how do you feel the development of heat? In the third step, the heating effect was examined. In a climatic chamber, the Dekra engineers cooled the mat and seat to zero and −10 ° C. The heating mat was then switched on and the temperature profile was measured over 30 minutes. To this end, eleven sensors were attached to a measuring dummy weighing around 50 kg in the back and buttocks area. A thermal imaging camera was used to evaluate the temperature distribution.

Test winner display

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